Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Party...

..this is suppose to be the best week for me but all i can think about is NOT being able to speak to my best friend now for now over 3 weeks. this is MY week. i am so tired of everyone telling me to be strong. seriously? haven't i been strong? can't i express my sulky, sad, not happy feelings if i want to? i guess i sound like a broken record and i'm sure i'm getting on some peoples nerves but SHIT, it's my birthday dammit and i want to speak to my husband! i think i'm entitled to be a "bah hum bug" for my own party!

..this isn't just any birthday, this is my 40th birthday. the big one that i would love to share with my man. YES, i am having my little pity party but hey i'm allowed. i have plans to hang out with some co-workers and army wives. so i won't be alone. i am going to make the best of it.

and....i got a call this morning! all worries are OUT THE WINDOW! whoo hooo! it's My Party weekend, my birthday and I am going to have fun no matter what!


  1. It's totally ok to have a pity party. Honestly, I think sometimes people just say "be strong" when they aren't sure what else to say, but I'm glad you got to talk to him after all!

  2. Hope you had an awesome time!! *hug*

  3. you can have the whole month baby

  4. I think we all have to take time to sulk and say deployments suck.
    Happy birthday

  5. THANK YOU EVERYONE! i love feedback comments!