Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why would they do that?

well, like i said... i'm new (sort of) about understanding the army. so here's what i dont understand, why would the military and the media announce publically of what we are going to do ahead of time?? i mean isnt that jeopardizing our soldiers safety? isnt that giving the taliban heads up of what we plan on doing to them? for example, i read on yahoo, armytimes, etc... that: "A senior military official said Monday that the offensive on Kandahar was expected to begin in June. The goal is to rid the city of Taliban forces before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins in August."

i guess i am just confused that i am not able to announce or publically say where and when my husband is going to be deployed to? BUT they are able to announce that? maybe someone else can help explain this to me.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Being Away From Home....

For some reason, it always comes in threes: my step brother & sister's dad passed away, my step dad taken to the ER (again) and my uncle having a heart attack. UGH and I am so so far away! i wish i could be home this very moment to be with my family, to help them during these times. I'm always the one to help with my family, i'm usually the one who is there at the drop of the hat.

i know this is one of the things you have to sacrifice being an army wife, being with your husband, relocating to a new place...BUT i hate this part. Everyone that knows me, knows that i am a HUGE family person! I would be there for my siblings for support at the funeral, i would drive my mom to the hospital that my uncle is at (knowing she hates driving a long distance or in an unfamiliar are), and/or just be there for them...

Sitting here dwelling on the wishing or the "coulda, woulda, shoulda's" isnt helping anyone and especially my insomnia. (Breathe) i guess i should have guessed its time for me to get homesick, to miss my family, to want to be home with them, etc.... but i should be okay, i mean i just had my nephews and nieces up here last week for Spring Break. For 10 fun filled days! I wish they were still here (sigh).

And i guess my man being out in the field until tomorrow isnt helping. oh whoa is me, feeling sorry for myself is not gonna help either. i know this feeling will pass. just for today, i wish i was home to hug them all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is it wrong of me?

Why is it that i am already stressing about the upcoming deployment? Is it wrong of me to already be worring about it? i mean i should be enjoying my time with him now! i should be treasuring every moment with him. i dare not tell him. i dont want him to know I think about it cause then that will only get him all worked up about it. And seriously, he's not even leaving until the end of the year..so what is my problem?

We were not married when he left for his first deployment so i knew absolutely nothing (married during R&R lol). i didnt know what to expect. But now with this second one all i seem to do is think, "oh he will need this" or "oh we can get this." Also, sometimes i even find myself saying out loud "we should do that before you leave for deployment."

is this normal? i need to stop! but how? ugh... and the overnight trainings have started which isnt helping. next, is gonna be ntc.... see! look at me!

i wish more people would read this, to maybe give me more insight....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i dont get it - CQ

I dont get this whole CQ schedules? I remember when we used to be back at Hood, he rarely had CQ maybe every 6 weeks or so, but here in Knox its like once a week. It could be that they are short on guys, but that doesnt make since to me at all cause they have plenty? But to have CQ once a week, during the week just aggravates me. It aggravates me because he goes to work at 5:30am, works a full day, goes in for CQ at 4pm to 9am the next day, then goes back to work (classes, trainings, out in the field or range) and finally gets off work around 5pm to 6pmish. He used to get a day off to rest, to catch up on his sleep, but now he's up for over 36hrs or so and is suppose to keep working a full week. I know its suppose to "toughen" him up or whatever the Army wants to call it, but my husband doesn't get much sleep as it is (thanks to the last deployment we just went through). Also, I had heard from another Army wife that her husband had CQ three days in a row! He had to work in between too! NOW that doesnt make sense to me at all! GRRRRRRRR!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Started

I have seen many blogs from my new 'friends' on twitter, my old co-worker and now my sister. I have always wanted to sit and jot down my thoughts, complaints, and stories down and share or NOT to share with others. I admit my punctuation sucks (thanks to texting and my laziness to correct), my spelling always isn't perfect (yes Ma, I admit it) and sometimes I just gotta get my words out or I will forget! So any help on how to get this going will be greatly appreciated!