Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is it wrong of me?

Why is it that i am already stressing about the upcoming deployment? Is it wrong of me to already be worring about it? i mean i should be enjoying my time with him now! i should be treasuring every moment with him. i dare not tell him. i dont want him to know I think about it cause then that will only get him all worked up about it. And seriously, he's not even leaving until the end of the year..so what is my problem?

We were not married when he left for his first deployment so i knew absolutely nothing (married during R&R lol). i didnt know what to expect. But now with this second one all i seem to do is think, "oh he will need this" or "oh we can get this." Also, sometimes i even find myself saying out loud "we should do that before you leave for deployment."

is this normal? i need to stop! but how? ugh... and the overnight trainings have started which isnt helping. next, is gonna be ntc.... see! look at me!

i wish more people would read this, to maybe give me more insight....