Thursday, March 25, 2010

Being Away From Home....

For some reason, it always comes in threes: my step brother & sister's dad passed away, my step dad taken to the ER (again) and my uncle having a heart attack. UGH and I am so so far away! i wish i could be home this very moment to be with my family, to help them during these times. I'm always the one to help with my family, i'm usually the one who is there at the drop of the hat.

i know this is one of the things you have to sacrifice being an army wife, being with your husband, relocating to a new place...BUT i hate this part. Everyone that knows me, knows that i am a HUGE family person! I would be there for my siblings for support at the funeral, i would drive my mom to the hospital that my uncle is at (knowing she hates driving a long distance or in an unfamiliar are), and/or just be there for them...

Sitting here dwelling on the wishing or the "coulda, woulda, shoulda's" isnt helping anyone and especially my insomnia. (Breathe) i guess i should have guessed its time for me to get homesick, to miss my family, to want to be home with them, etc.... but i should be okay, i mean i just had my nephews and nieces up here last week for Spring Break. For 10 fun filled days! I wish they were still here (sigh).

And i guess my man being out in the field until tomorrow isnt helping. oh whoa is me, feeling sorry for myself is not gonna help either. i know this feeling will pass. just for today, i wish i was home to hug them all.

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