Sunday, June 26, 2011

..For Some Reason, Sundays make me miss him more

..for some reason Sunday's always make me miss him more always trying to keep myself so very busy and for some reason, Sunday's always seem to make me miss him more. it's more like Sunday blues. sleeping late, drinking coffee, watching movies, being lazy with our fur babies, snuggling and my glass of wine..... and missing my sweetheart.
..the more you do, the more you go..go..go..go...Then all of a sudden you eventually CRASH with emotions. go to my room and just have my own pity party. UGH
i do admit that i have become a disgruntled military wife where everything or everyone gets on my nerves or makes me mad with stupid comments. i do have to count to ten and to not punch somebody. its not their fault that "they" don't understand. kind of like i am going thru the 7 stages of deployment...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

..rambling for the day #SCREAM

..haven't posted in awhile. let's see... work, nephew, out with the girls on a friday night, work, feed the nephew and so on and so on........
anybody get to a point in deployment where you want to just SCREAM at the top of your lungs? people get on my nerves, work is getting to me where i dont want to go anymore, certain friends who say they are your friends you just want to #slap, being away from your loved ones drives you crazy, not having a sex life (sorry tmi but DAMMIT), and not being able to lose this damn weight i have gained since we moved here. i feel like i am in a rut. stuck. time isnt going fast enough and it makes me want to #SCREAM.
i know i am not the only one that gets this way. but geeze. i gotta get outta this funk.
On a better note: Happy 236th Birthday Army! Hooah! Also, it's Flag Day!!!!