Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I love the Military Family!

..wasn't able to post in the "air" last night BUT my first flight, I was sitting on a 17 row small airplane (2 seats then 2 seaters lol) and I pulled out a book that BIL bought for goose about Military stuff. One lady beside me was a Military wife with two kids who are graduating from basic one week apart. Another lady heard us and was teary eyed had just sent her son off for his first deployment (both had been visiting Ft Hood). How ironic! We had such a pleasant conversation, trying to console the newbie mom on her first deployment, gave her advise..."don't watch the news!" "keep busy" & "send lots of care packages" We left eachother on our separate ways with big hugs and good lucks! I love the Military Family!


So much in a Month in a half... WOW! So, we moved in the first of July and didn't get our belonging until the 19th with missing items and many things damaged. One week later my mother, a sister and grandma came to stay for a week. They left and then four days later my younger sister and total of 6 nephews and nieces drove up from TX to visit. Sister stayed 5 days and flew home so I could use her vehicle with more seats. Kiddos stayed for over 3 weeks and in between that my hubby's friend stayed for 3 days (had appointments at the Pentagon) and we all went site seeing as much as we could! I drove 5 nephews and nieces back (one stayed behind to stay with us) to Texas we go.... I stayed in TX for a week and visited as much family and friends as I could. Flew back and here I am. Here it is middle of August. I still have everything in boxes lol YIKES! So gotta get back in the swing of things, catch up on my school work, emails, Scentsy Business, cleaning, unpacking, etc... but very glad I am home with my furbabies and hubby. He seemed to miss me. He said it wasnt the same without me :) makes me so happy to hear things like that. I love that man more than anything. Life as a traveling Army Wife never ends... now gonna take a moment to breathe AND drink coffee LOL