Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i dont get it - CQ

I dont get this whole CQ schedules? I remember when we used to be back at Hood, he rarely had CQ maybe every 6 weeks or so, but here in Knox its like once a week. It could be that they are short on guys, but that doesnt make since to me at all cause they have plenty? But to have CQ once a week, during the week just aggravates me. It aggravates me because he goes to work at 5:30am, works a full day, goes in for CQ at 4pm to 9am the next day, then goes back to work (classes, trainings, out in the field or range) and finally gets off work around 5pm to 6pmish. He used to get a day off to rest, to catch up on his sleep, but now he's up for over 36hrs or so and is suppose to keep working a full week. I know its suppose to "toughen" him up or whatever the Army wants to call it, but my husband doesn't get much sleep as it is (thanks to the last deployment we just went through). Also, I had heard from another Army wife that her husband had CQ three days in a row! He had to work in between too! NOW that doesnt make sense to me at all! GRRRRRRRR!

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  1. Dh has only done CQ at BT and AIT BUT I've heard that for every 24 hours of CQ 24 hours of down time should be given to the soldier. Although some others say 4 hours in between CQ, rest, and regular work hours is ok for the Army. Either way it all depends on the rules set for the unit he's in.

    Now what you heard doesn't make any sense to me either, maybe her dh is getting into trouble with the NCOs or somewhere else :-/