Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

Well I'm off today for President's Day and so far has been a really nice day. I still had to get my nephew off to school this morning at the same time and for some genius reason I scheduled a dentist appointment this morning at 9am. Anyone knows me I have the biggest fear of going, but I did pretty good. After that I went to take my written drivers test and I passed! lol 2nd times a charm...ALL OF A SUDDEN, getting flashbacks to 1987 being 16 and having to take it more than once... :-) my Soldier, I am sure is smiling as he reads this! (and i DID get to hear his sexy voice yesterday!!)

Chillin at home, windows opened (first time this new year) 64 degrees, no sun but its nice for a change, washing clothes, gonna do some dishes and vacuum the floors! I am on it today! Ugh need to go to the grocery story but i don't wanna... oh well. Today is a good day! Have a great President's Day off!

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