Thursday, February 10, 2011

valentine hum bug

well, my thoughts seem to be swirling today. i think it might have been my day at work. i got to talk to a POW from WWII and his stories make me so very proud to be an Army Wife. it made me miss my sweet SO just that much more. each day i am surrounded by Military life and some days its not so bad but like today, it was one of "those" days. when you miss someone this bad it does hurt.
it's amazing how we look on the outside... smiles, laughs, staying active and so on... but deep down and always at night time it gets to me.

i think i am frustrated cause first, it's Valentine's Weekend. second and really the main reason is that his time to use the phone, internet and showers is all on a "scheduled" time. so basically, if they are on missions etc.. and they miss their time, they have to wait every few days to try again. so basically its goes weeks for me not to hear his voice (yes i know it happens), i always seem to miss him emails by less than an hour, i work so i can't get his calls cause my phone doesnt work in the building, and on and on and on.... talked to another wife and she seemed to be annoyed that hers it at a place where he gets to be on the phone everyday and she seemed to be bothered by it! really? it was like she was talking to him too much or something. i would love to hear his voice everyday! and not getting to shower on his "scheduled" time cause he is out doing his job. that really makes me mad. almost a month and no shower when he can get one but since its not a good time he can't? UGH. i could be really more mad at myself for not staying up and or hearing his emails alerts.

and i had read an email someone had sent me, it's "things not to say to a Military spouse/wife" and people do seem to say dumb things that rub ya wrong. i guess i had too many of the dumb things said and now i'm in a bad mood. it sure doesn't help. i know this whole stupid bah hum bug feeling will go away...when i can hear from him =)

so everyone else have a better Valentine's weekend...


  1. i just realized how i started out feeling proud but feeling all mad at the end, talk about "bipolar" effect yikes

  2. dont worry baby ill be home soon and make all the bad people go away