Friday, January 28, 2011

We Need Telepathy STAT!

Well it has been 12 days since my last phone call, 14 days since my last email... and I have really been trying to send him mental thoughts. I wish we were both gifted with Telepathy...

I'm at the point where I think I want to rush home and tell him how my day went or doing one of my "samisms" as he calls it. and he would shake his head in "I can't believe she did it but not surprised LOOK." This whole first month time frame is suppose to be the hardest and dang those women are right!

Getting an email from FRG stating that our Soldiers are at a FOB that doesn't have running water or waiting on plumbing parts, non working Internet and phones but have a technician coming from the states to help fix it AND WILL TAKE A FEW WEEKS OR A MONTH to get working is not what a spouse wants to here. SOooooooo my point of it all is that we need Telepathy STAT! Cause I hope my sweet Soldier knows, hears... my thoughts and prayers...

I know he won't be able to read this for awhile, but I love you baby, sweet dreams. XOXOXO

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