Monday, December 5, 2011

It's been TOO LONG

Wow, cannot believe I have not been on my blog since Oct.  I guess when I said I was staying busy, I was really busy! lol 

Well, let's see.....November,  I have had our 4 years of being together anniversay =)   many girls night outs on Fridays, and I FINALLY got to go home to Texas after almost 2yrs for 5 days for Thanksgiving!!!!  It was too short but loved seeing all my family, nephews & nieces and BFF.

I have only gotten to hear from my husband once on the phone but get my every so often one line emails, NO COMPLAINTS HERE! Just so very glad that this year has come and gone...IT'S ALMOST OVER!

So for December, I have only one thing on my mind (okay several lol) is to get my house back in order, the Christmas tree and decorations are UP, buy a few gifts for my man, send out Christmas cards and be ready for my Soldier to come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So, I hope the next time I am on here is to announce the happy homecoming!  I promise I will try not to be stay away too long!

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