Monday, December 26, 2011

Homecoming 2011

I cannot believe it's over. 
I cannot believe this year is almost over.
I cannot believe HE IS HOME!!!

Everyone knows how their last weeks go. But that feeling to get there is so far but so close. Still cannot believe its right there until you finally FINALLY see his face in that sea of uniforms. 

I have so much to say but having a hard time putting it all down in words.  I do know that HE IS HOME! Thank you God for letting him get here a little early for my Christmas gift but he is home!

I know my next blog will be about my journey this year thru this deployment and on how different it was from the first one.  He is sleeping and I just can't seem to stop staring at him, smelling his smell, watching him sleep with our furbabies so peacefully. 

Merry Christmas Everyone and Happy New Year!!!
HIS Texas Star

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