Saturday, December 31, 2011


As I sit here thinking about 2011, I realize how lucky I have been with this whole 2011 year of deployment. I know I had my emotional up and downs which of course is "normal." But this deployment was different than the last one. I am sure they all are but this time I was involved and lived closer to our Military Community which helps immensely!

I have never wanted a year to fly by so badly but feel bad for the spouses with new babies or children to where their husbands missed out on so much of their little ones. I don't have my own kiddos but even with my dogs, I feel he missed alot. His puppy was barely one when he left and he came home to a much bigger puppy (she was maybe 40lbs and went up to 70lbs)! LOL he missed the chewing stages, the jumping stages, and the emergency visits!

I not only lived around the Military community but also now work for the Army HRCC, so this helped! I have the greatest group of Military Spouses as my circle of friends but also have a wonderful supportive co-workers!!!!

Me and my circle of friends who also were going thru the deployment always made sure we were there for eachother. I never thought I would find a Army BFF but I have (LOVE YA MEGHAN!) We did find out who are real friends are, went thru the hardships of finding out the hardway BUT we did it. I love these girls like my own sisters. I will defend them and be there for them no matter what... SISTERHOOD!! We did something together once a week at least. Friday night Girls Night Out, which included dinner, karaoke, drinks, dancing etc... or to Celebrate a Military birthday (kids and/or adults!). A sponsored Military event on post which included "Right Arms" night, holiday events, 5k/10k events, and events to help raise money for our Brigade! Also, was able to go the Kentucky Down Derby in Louisville, KY, we went to the free Montgomery Gentry Rocks Homefront USO Concert in Louisville, KY and the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, Indiana and enjoyed Paula Deen buffet!

At my work environment, also have a new BFF from work (LOVE YOU JESS!) they all are supportive of my moodiness, lack of sleep mode and my days that I need off to work around his schedule of deployment/R&R!

I will get to rest more and pray these dark circles fade away. I hope to not lose any more hair due to stress of the "unknown." Get myself to the doctors to possibly have surgery on my knee and have him home if I need help. And get myself to the gym to help myself feel better about ME (New Year's Resolution LOL).

This 2011 has been all in all very good to me. Nothing too crazy, he is all in one piece and safe. He was a few days early, he was my Christmas Gift and I do get my New Years KISS!

Hope everyone has a safe Happy New's Years! Remember not all Soldiers are home! #God Bless Our Troops!! And let's start our upcoming New year 2012 right! #Pay It Forward! #Treat Others as you wish to be treated!