Monday, March 21, 2011

..staying busy but not busy enough

..i am sure all of us say the exact same thing..."staying busy but not busy enough." i have been keeping myself busy every weekend, i look at the calendar and its STILL March??? wth? this long month is NOT helping my time go by. 4 year old birthday here, 5 year old birthday there, happy hour a few times, over to friends houses, movie nights, etc... STILL March. what does a girl have to do to make it go faster!!!!!!

i have been mailing out care packages, buying more stuff for care packages, putting together scentsy catalogs and mailing them out. UGH so exhausting to trying to keep oneself BUSY.

well, i somehow got myself signed up for Relay for Life and Red Cross 5k (great for my exercise and on the same weekend, OY wish me luck on that! lol) and two great causes!

spring break is next month for my nephew. gotta do something for him that week (but i still have to work).

now i am just rambling... COME ON TIME tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock........

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