Saturday, March 26, 2011

..SLEEP... wow!

Today I was woken up by my nephew, he says "are you alright?" I replied, "yea, I'm okay why?" he says, "cause it's 1p o'clock!"

Wtheck!? I cannot believe I slept in so late AND I actually slept! I truly woke up and felt that I could have slept a few more hours. My eyes are still puffy, I am still drinking coffee, still feeling groggy BUT I so needed that extra sleep. I haven't slept like that in months! This past week has been very long, emotional, stressful and didn't end fast enough.

Work has been a nightmare, already difficult working for the Army and then add a negative co-worker is the icing on the cake or is it the tip of the iceberg? ADD the whole insomnia thing from deployment and this girl who has already been emotional (which i was before) and depressed AND exhausted (this list could really go on and on...) But for some reason, this week has been rough. I think I had figured I was barely getting about 4 hours of sleep, some nights maybe less than that.

Missing your Soldier, your best friend, your husband is really hard in itself. Always worrying about him, always wanting to know if he is getting enough food, sleep, mail, etc.. Its what we do. Being apart from him is not easy but WE do our best to keep this side of the water going, keepin ourselves busy, and makin sure its all the same when he gets home.

So SANDMAN, thank you for helping me get some ZZZZZZZ's. It was nice of you to visit! I hope this means you will visit me more often.


  1. I hope he visits more often too chica! hang in there and know that I'm here if you ever need to talk! *hug*

  2. THANK YOU! I still am really tired, I hope this pasts!