Thursday, March 3, 2011

..gotta keep going

well, another month down, whew. that was a tough one. noticing that i am NOT that emotional as i was. so this month has started off okay... have a teacher/parent (guardian lol) conference, going to see a new baby this weekend, go hang out with a friend for drinks maybe, and then not really sure BUT maybe just MAYBE try to sleep for once or a little bit MORE!

i did get more care packages mailed out today so my sweet Soldier will be happy if he ever gets them.. i have sent 4 and he has only received 2, so maybe by May? he might get them lol...

the New season for Scentsy has started! so that has me really busy at this time. I now have two people on my lil team and then one of them has a person on their team. i believe this is going to be a great season for us all! gotta mail out new catalogs!!! busy busy
i have paid all of my bills for February LOL so i feel good about that. i got my bday gift from my sister and my Christmas present from my dad and step mom lmao i know, i know... but i got it! it couldn't have come in a better time, a really nice wallet (mine had busted at the seams and was ripped lol). OH and i FINALLY got my earrings back from my sisters. Damn i have missed them! (my earrings lol just kidding!)
haven't gotten to talk to my Soldier but a few emails here and there is so much better than nothing! i miss him every second of the day. R&R cannot come fast enough! (i love you honey!)

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