Monday, August 9, 2010

..i know it's been awhile

..i know it has been awhile since i have posted something, but i have really had a crazy July... so this all might seem to be me just rambling but here it goes...

the first week of July, my mother in law came down to stay with me for a week. it wasn't so bad. there were moments where i felt "critiqued" but it all passed. my DH was uncomfortable. i don't know what it was but he felt he couldn't be himself (mind you, this isn't his biological mom). also, he had to work during the day and some late evenings, trainings, etc... so that helped him some. so while she was here, i entertained her to post to show her where he worked, the Patton Museum, to my girlfriends house to visit "our" rescued Afghanistan dog who was a big help to our unit, back to my girlfriends house to celebrate 4th of July and out to eat a couple of times.

the day she left, i drove to Texas/Arkansas border to pick up my sister's girls so they could stay with me for a couple of weeks... which ended up being 27 days! LONG STORY there too... but i have missed them all so much and we had our ups and then we had our downs. we went swimming, took them to two of my doctor's appointment on post (let's just say one of them was a pill lol), to the park to play & feed the ducks, out to eat a couple of times, got blizzards @Sonic, to the mall, library, to a old car museum, and lots more (you get the picture)... the last week with 2 of them was hard, they just wanted to go home. one wanted her mom and the other wanted her life back home.

but at the same time (during the same week when the girls wanted to go home) my DH was packing to leave for NTC. it was really hard to try and balance him and then the girls. but, we managed to make the best of it. he left and five days later, my nieces left :(

so, here it is August and i'm by myself. im trying to keep busy but cannot seem to get myself motivated to do sht. i mean nothing. well, that's not true. i have managed to go to the grocery store, the post office, the gym a couple of times, a 2 yr. old birthday party, and a pampered chef party. so let me clarify that, i haven't done anything to my house! LOL no cleaning, no dishes, etc.... i know i will get my mojo back to do it but right now, eh it sits.

my nephew is wanting to move in with me. that's another big thing going on in my life. he is old enough and would be in high school. i know my DH wouldn't mind cause he has said before he could. but i just wish i could talk to him but him being at NTC with no phone rule, i can't just pick up the phone to ask and see what he says... stupid rule! but, it looks like i might have him soon. when my DH gets home i could say, "look honey it's a boy!" lol no seriously, i welcome my nephew and any of my nephews and nieces. i love them all very much!

i have been trying to get my family and friends motivated to buy stuff this month for my lil business on the side (Scentsy). i have even started a group page on Fbook @Sam's Scentsy. i wish that would just take off and keep my REALLY busy (and make some extra money for us). i know it will, i just gotta keep positive AND PATIENT!

and last, is me getting a job. i know i really need to get one especially if i have my nephew coming up. but the bad part is that i always want to be here for my DH when he needs me, days off, etc... it will happen. now the fun part of looking for a job around here. i believe in God. i know that things will be alright... as my DH would say, "Everything will be alright baby."

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