Tuesday, June 29, 2010

...My First "Stereo Type" Experience...

....sooooooooooo, we went to a couple's house on post (which is something we don't do often). it's not someone in our brigade but someone my husband became friends with because of their love of jeeps.
anywhoooo, we met another couple there... they were neighbors and i was excited to find out that the wife neighbor was from not only TX but where i used to live! so we talked about where we used to live, the area, etc... i thought it was starting off great!
but then..... it just went sour.
she, neighbor wife started asking questions to my DH about what MOS he was in (and at the same time was looking up and down at me??? was she looking at my hair, clothes, etc.... i wasn't sure) but she was "shocked" that my husband is 11B. her response, "OHHH i thought you were an officer" (um, what does that mean?) so, my husband said "no, no officer here. What made you think that?" her response, "OH, your just so clean looking, not dirty." (uMMM, what? i still dont get what she is getting at? but i could tell my DH was getting a little perturbed). and the neighbor wife was still making her comments, her questions were just a little forward or rude. its as if she was judging us for not fitting her image of being Infantry. (and what pisses me off about this post is that we are considered the "trouble makers," the "rotten ones," the "low lifes" and i DO NOT like this stereo type.) I'm not gonna write down all the rude @$$ comments she made cause i dont want to get myself all pissed off again.
This was my first "stereo type" experience with the military life. I have heard about it, my husband always says "that's just what THEY think about us," BUT i think its stupid that each MOS or whatever has these labels. so what we are infantry? we are still in the same army as you are! so what that we don't live on post? how does that make us any different than you? we have pitbulls and can't live on post! so what that we do not have kids? hey! its none of every one's business that i have fertility problems... its NOT something i advertise as i meet new people. so what that we have "somewhat" nice cars? they ARE NOT new but nice! so what that we were dressed casual but nice when we met you! we took showers for gosh sakes LOL....
i know this might seem stupid to some, but this was my first judgement and i am still somewhat still learning the ropes of the army life.
the rest of the evening was just OFF, the neighbor couple ate their food and left immediately after that. WE were NOT rude, we were nice (as we always are), we played with the kids, helped clean etc... but for some reason the neighbor couple just took off... which turned our friends night sour. apparently it wasn't the first time they (the neighbor couple) had done this. that's another story.......
well, there was my vent. I'm done.

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