Monday, June 21, 2010

at this moment.... at this moment, my life is not that exciting. i mean the occasional rare meets with my friend and the occasional out to eat with my DH. oh, i can't forget my 3 days a week at the gym (um, should be more shshshsh).
so this is why i really have not had much to blog about. my DH has been in the field alot lately and if he is home, well he's playing video games and I'm on the internet surfing. lol OHHHH i am NOT complaining about him being home AT ALL! my point is that, this is it... at the moment.
BUT in 9 days i will have my MIL here for 8 days and day after she leaves, i will get my 3 nieces and nephew for 3 weeks! so my "at the moment" boring life will once again be ALIVE!!!!! i can't wait!
so until then, i will continue to be surfing the net, talking to my furrbabies and waiting for my DH to get home from work!

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