Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Me and A Million Others

Well, its that time again... Job Search. Yep, me and a million other people.

I was laid off my job about 3 weeks before DH got home for his R&R, so at first it was a blessing. I was able to meet him in PA and then travel back to TX, it was a wonderful 15 days (thats when we got married)! 4 months later, he was home from deployment and I was able to be there when he got off that glorious WHITE bus (it's NOT so glorious when that damn WHITE bus takes him away). Then, 2 months later of NOT having a job came in perfect timing when he got his block leave for a whole month!!!! Another 2 months later, we PCS'd to our new home... and here we are folks 6 months later! We are settled in, have a routine, and now low on funds LOL...

Of course my wonderful DH does not want me to work and he wants to do it all, BUT you all know what the Army pays and it isnt that much! We have no kids and still need to survive on a 2 person income. We like our extras, we like to eat out every once in awhile, AND we have alot of family members with birthdays LOL... So it's gotta happen. Now, it's all up to this economy in this area. Come on Economy!

I do sale Scentsy candles on the side and i really like it so far. I just started and it has been really easy! But for right now, it cant pay my bills. So, im going to "Pimp" myself out here: Please goto www.samanthagoss.scentsy.us its very easy to order and its shipped directly to you!

The not so fun part of looking for a job, the fears, the nervousness, the UNKNOWN.... here we go! i have gained some weight and none of my clothes fit. i really dont know the area so well yet. the resume updates, the search, the interviews, the let downs... here goes the nerves!

I know i can do this. i have always had a full time job with overtime, mostly in the past 2 jobs at a time... so what is my problem? I gotta do this. I can do this. so, wish me luck along with a million other people because we need a JOB!


  1. Hey Sam!! Best wishes to you on that! I know when I was married to Stephen, they had an office on the base to help family members locate employment. You might check into that! Also, a lot of times, you can find civilian jobs on the base. I'm praying for you and wish you the best of luck!!!!

  2. thank you so much cheryl! good idea!

  3. I hope you get a job here soon, I am praying for you!!

  4. Thank You for the prayers! I need all I cant get!