Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WOW 4 Months later....

..only 4 months later and so much has changed. We no longer live in Ft Knox, KY. We have PCS'd to our new home/area.... and are now in the big ol city of Washington DC Area! Hubby is now in the Old Guard WOW! ..have to say, leaving Ft Knox KY has not been fun. actually really sad for me. I met some wonderful people, made some friends that will always be my friends no matter the distance and we have all spread out thru the states and then some in Germany. Bitter sweet. I miss them. I miss the area we called home for 2 1/2 yrs. We all made the best of what was given to us and it was a blast! So now, living in the BIG City and having to start all over is really hard. Especially when the Old Guard is so different than a regular unit or brigade. i know i know, only been here for a month and it will get better. there is SO much to do in this area. So much to see! ..had to quit my wonderful job at the Army Command Center HRC. It wasn't the best paying job but I liked what I did. I miss my bf that I made there. I miss talking to her everyday. So, now I think I am going to get a certification thru the MYCAA program. To keep myself busy and get an education where I can work from home or medical office. ..I still have things in boxes from the move and have no desire to finish it. we didn't have the best Army moving experience. they were 4 days late and then it took them 19 days to get our stuff to us. I hear that sometimes it's longer so I was pretty excited to get our stuff. me and the hubs made the best of our time, I really liked it. we had a big ol pallet on the floor with our two furbabies. kinda like camping with ac :) had food delivered to us and we found some pretty good food places. BUT when we finally got our things the problems started. Our boxes were so badly damaged, my grill and my desk was in pieces and both were not repairable. A few things like glass things are broken. My husbands entertainment center/tv stand is missing but we do have the shelves (doesn't do any good though) and my entertainment center/tv stand had so much stuff stacked on top its "bowed" in the middle and the sides are busted off the henges (it was bought for a certain amount of weight for a tv NOT 20 plus boxes). Microwave had something smash the front of it and now it wont shut right or register to turn on :/ the list goes on... ..SO I don't feel at home here yet. Don't feel like taking things out of boxes. Kinda depressed I guess you can say. I miss my family and friends. This whole moving thing sucks ass sometimes. #pityparty ..so thankful he is home. thankful we have a place to stay. #justthankful P.S. new google blog, where did my spell check go? UGH so if i miss spelled things #mybad!

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