Sunday, February 26, 2012

Being Infertile in the Army and Life

..being infertile in the Army and in Life is really an emotional roller coaster. I am surrounded by new mommies all year long.

..with being in the Army, you have pre-deployment babies, R&R babies and after deployment babies. your so excited for everyone but at the same time you are faced with the fake "smile" and you are really NOT fine inside. my age, yes my age.. it makes it so hard. i have friends who i went to high school with that are GRANDPARENTS, their kids have kids! BUT at the same time i do have several 40+ friends having babies so that really makes me happy and knowing that could be ME one day!

..what i really hate is when people say:

"YOU don't have ANY kids?" "you know you CAN adopt" Why havent you tried BEFORE" "well dont get your hopes up" "You are NOT getting any younger"

UGGGGHGHGHGHGHGHGHm, sometimes you want to tell family, friends and even people you don't know to F*ckOFf!

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